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General High Speed Steel

General high speed steels are used widely, 75%t of total amount of high speed steel. Mass fraction of carbon is 0.7%~0.9%. We can classify high speed steel into tungsten serial and molybdenum serial according to different content of tungsten and molybdenu

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Application domain:drill, tap, end mill knives, gear cutter, broach and other cutting tools, punches, die mold push rod and other standard parts.

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Common high speed steel is the basic material in high speed steel, is also used for the high speed steel cutter varieties, specifications, the largest number of brands, accounts for about high speed steel more than 70% of the total amount. Applicable to general steel materials 25 ~ 40 m/min of cutting speed, when the blade temperature 550 ~ 600 , still can keep the hardness HRC55 ~ 60, is made, such as turning tool, milling cutter, hob, pinion cutter, planer knives, broach, drill and tap, such as the main material of cutting tool, is also used to make high wear resistance requirements, hot-work die, precision stamping die and cold roll and high temperature bearing, etc.


The main brands are M2, M2E, M7 M1and W18 etc.


(1) W6Mo5Cr4V2 (HYM2)


M2 high speed steel is widely used at home and abroad. W as 1% Mo can replace 1%, it can reduce the alloying elements in steel, reduce the amount of carbide in steel and the distribution of the inhomogeneity, favorable to improve thermoplastic, bending strength and toughness. Therefore M2 high temperature plasticity and toughness is better than W18, so it can be used to make hot rolling cutting tools such as twist twist drill, etc. Decarburization overheating sensitivity is insufficient, grinding is a bit poor, river smelting characteristics according to the product application developed special steel tap HYTM2, rolling HYRM2 drill steel, etc.


(2) CW6Mo5Cr4V2 (HYM2E)


CW6Mo5Cr4V2 abroad also called EM2, used for cutting tool is very common, is on the basis of steel W6Mo5Cr4V2, appropriate to improve carbon and tungsten, molybdenum content can be gained in the M2 low quenching temperature high hardness, has the high red hardness and wear resistance, suitable for cutting speed is higher than the M2 tool.


(3) W2Mo9Cr4V2 (HYM7)


M7 steel is one of the commonly used in ordinary HSS steel. It is on the basis of the M1 steel appropriately increase the content of carbon and vanadium. High hardenability, secondary hardening ability, high temperature and high hardness, wear resistance slightly tall, but grain size slightly thick, low toughness slightly, red hardness also slightly lower. At the same time, heat sensitivity and more oxidation decarburization tendentiousness, suitalbe for making tap tool and fine blanking die, etc.

Type Specification (mm) Surface condition
Forged Round Bar 80-300 Turned/Black
Hot-rolled Round Bar 8-25 Black
21-95 Turned/Peeled
Peeled Bar 15-150 Turned
Hot-rolled Square Bar 7.2×7.227×27 Black
Hot-rolled Flat Bar (3.5-40)×(16-100) Black/Shot Blast
Forged Flat Bar (20-200)×(40~400) Black/Milling
Hot-rolled Wire Rod 5.5-17 Black/Blasting Bickling
Cold-drawn Steel Wire 2.0-16.5 Black
Ground Wire 5.0-14.5 Ground
Steel Plate (2.0-15.0)×(500-700) Black
Hot-rolled Strip (36-65)×(1.5-3.0) Black
Cold-rolled Strip (25-55)×(0.65-1.80) Polished
Forged Product Circular(50-350)×(10-300) Black/Machined
Welded-blank, wimble blank, roller blank, hollow broacher blank, prefabricated Shield roll ring and other extension product.
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1Flat Bar


2Steel Sheet

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