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Powder Metallurgy Die Steels

Powder metallurgy HOP product is featured by its fine and evenly distributed carbides in the matrix, and therefore has the special preoperties of high toughness in all directions. As compared to other tool steel produced through normal metallurgical proce

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HEYE HOP series products are powder metallurgically produced tool steels featured by its fine and evenly distributed carbides particles in the matrix. Because of its refined microstructure, HOP products are isotropic and high in  ductility, wear resistance, toughness as compared to traditional tool steels. It is worth to mention that the bending strength and the toughness of PM HOP products are 50-100% better than that of traditional tool steels. Comparing to carbide, the PM HOP products have good machinability and grindability and are better choice for the materials of complex shaped tools.


Many success cases for the PM HOP products used as the tool materials of large size, complex shape in automotive, aviation, aerospace, energy industries. HOP products can really be a problem solver tool materials due to its refined microstructure which cannot be matched by the traditional tool containing a lot of irregularly distributed coarse carbides.

HOPM3 tool steel powder can be used for complex shapes and tough materials cold roll, can significantly increase productivity and reduce unit processing costs.


HOP10V tool steel powder can be used for high-Die, high wear resistance and high-end complex parts cold roll, can significantly increase productivity and reduce unit processing costs.

Type Specification (mm) Surface condition
Forged Round Bar 80-300 Turned/Black
Hot-rolled Round Bar 8-25 Black
21-95 Turned/Peeled
Peeled Bar 15-150 Turned
Hot-rolled Square Bar 7.2×7.227×27 Black
Hot-rolled Flat Bar (3.5-40)×(16-100) Black/Shot Blast
Forged Flat Bar (20-200)×(40~400) Black/Milling
Hot-rolled Wire Rod 5.5-17 Black/Blasting Bickling
Cold-drawn Steel Wire 2.0-16.5 Black
Ground Wire 5.0-14.5 Ground
Steel Plate (2.0-15.0)×(500-700) Black
Hot-rolled Strip (36-65)×(1.5-3.0) Black
Cold-rolled Strip (25-55)×(0.65-1.80) Polished
Forged Product Circular(50-350)×(10-300) Black/Machined
Welded-blank, wimble blank, roller blank, hollow broacher blank, prefabricated Shield roll ring and other extension product.
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1Flat Bar


2Steel Sheet

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