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Stainless Heat-resistant Steels

Stainless heat-resistant steel is mainly martensitic steel of Cr12 series, mainly used for high temperature bolts and other fasteners and turbine blade, it has stable performance, high temperature strength and good relaxation resistance.

Mfrs:HeYe Special Steel Co.,Ltd.

Sales manager:Li Haishan


Product manager:Li Hui


Made in:Hebei,China





Application domain:turbine blade、high temperature bolt、valve rod

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Stainless heat-resistant steel, manufactures by HeYe, is evolved on the basis of Cr12 martensitic stainless steel. We add more W, Mo, V and other heat strong elements into Cr12 steel, so that it will have better high temperature physical properties. 


Our products mainly include 2Cr12MoV, 2Cr12NiMo1W1V, X18CrMoNbVN11-1 (X19CrMoNbVN11-1), etc..  


2Cr12NiMo1W1V mainily used in turbine blades and high temperature bolts, fasteners and other special steel, which is a standard steel with reasonable distribution ratio and stable performance, and has a wide range of steel grades in high temperature applications, the maximum temperature reached 560℃, with small notch sensitivity and sound performance of shock absorption and excellent relaxation resistance. 


X18CrMoNbVN11-1 is the European standard grade of steel, mainly used for ultra supercritical steam turbine blades, the use of the temperature reached more than 600 ℃, with good mechanical properties at high temperature and stress rupture properties.  


Company's major product lines include MF+LF+VD+ESR+ precision forging/rolling, producing machines. Products have the advantages of high dimensional accuracy, perfect surface, well organization and good stability. 


In addition, we rely on the advantages of national die steel research center and post-doctoral personnel and technological support and actively promote the development of other non-standard steel and can manufacture other stainless steels according to customer’s need.

Type Specification (mm) Surface condition
Forged Round Bar 80-300 Turned/Black
Hot-rolled Round Bar 8-25 Black
21-95 Turned/Peeled
Peeled Bar 15-150 Turned
Hot-rolled Square Bar 7.2×7.227×27 Black
Hot-rolled Flat Bar (3.5-40)×(16-100) Black/Shot Blast
Forged Flat Bar (20-200)×(40~400) Black/Milling
Hot-rolled Wire Rod 5.5-17 Black/Blasting Bickling
Cold-drawn Steel Wire 2.0-16.5 Black
Ground Wire 5.0-14.5 Ground
Steel Plate (2.0-15.0)×(500-700) Black
Hot-rolled Strip (36-65)×(1.5-3.0) Black
Cold-rolled Strip (25-55)×(0.65-1.80) Polished
Forged Product Circular(50-350)×(10-300) Black/Machined
Welded-blank, wimble blank, roller blank, hollow broacher blank, prefabricated Shield roll ring and other extension product.
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1Flat Bar


2Steel Sheet

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