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Hot-work Die Steels

HEYE brand hot work steels are maufactrued via ESR,unique forging and heat treatment process,with high performance of high strenth and toughness, high hot strengh, both hot and cold application, and high toughness and toughness.

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Application domain:forging die;precision forging die;press casting die;hot trimming die;hot extruding die.

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HEYE Special Steel Co., Lit. is a specialized high speed tool steel plant integrating production and R&D, cooperated with National Engineering Research Center for Advanced Steel Technology to set up HEYE Tool and Die Research Center. It adopts IF, LF, VD melting process, SF, PM special forming process and unique advanced forging and heat treatment process to design, develop and produce  high isotropy  high performance hot work die steels. These steels take over the weakness of conventional die steel, solve the using problem of high end customer, and raise the die life and price-performance. Non or less segregation new kind of high alloy die steel with even and fine structure can be developed via SF, PM special forming process to solve the die steel problem which is not solved by conventional methods.


According to the application fields of steel are divided into hot forging, die casting mold material series and series of shield cutting tool materials.


(1) Hot forging, die casting material


4Cr5Mo2V (HITH418, HSF1255) has excellent excellent ductility, toughness, higher to, high hardness, thermal fatigue resistance. Applied in the aluminum magnesium alloy die casting, extrusion die.


(2)Shield cutting tool materials


5Cr5MoV(HITH13)  three direction forging and the homogenization technology, 57 ~ 59 HRC hardness, impact toughness can be up to 22J, applied to the harsh conditions of shield machine broken rock knife.

Type Specification (mm) Surface condition
Forged Round Bar 80-300 Turned/Black
Hot-rolled Round Bar 8-25 Black
21-95 Turned/Peeled
Peeled Bar 15-150 Turned
Hot-rolled Square Bar 7.2×7.227×27 Black
Hot-rolled Flat Bar (3.5-40)×(16-100) Black/Shot Blast
Forged Flat Bar (20-200)×(40~400) Black/Milling
Hot-rolled Wire Rod 5.5-17 Black/Blasting Bickling
Cold-drawn Steel Wire 2.0-16.5 Black
Ground Wire 5.0-14.5 Ground
Steel Plate (2.0-15.0)×(500-700) Black
Hot-rolled Strip (36-65)×(1.5-3.0) Black
Cold-rolled Strip (25-55)×(0.65-1.80) Polished
Forged Product Circular(50-350)×(10-300) Black/Machined
Welded-blank, wimble blank, roller blank, hollow broacher blank, prefabricated Shield roll ring and other extension product.
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2Flat Bar


3Steel Sheet

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