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  • General High Speed Steel

    General high speed steels are used widely, 75%t of total amount of high speed steel. Mass fraction of carbon is 0.7%~0.9%. We can classify high speed steel into tungsten serial and molybdenum serial according to different content of tungsten and molybdenu

  • High Performance HSS

    High speed steel with high performance refers to the steel increasing V (>2.50%) or Co (≥ 4.5%) or Al(0.80~1.20%) and carbon at the same time, based on general high speed steel. Its hardness can reach 65~70HRC at room temperature. Wear Resistance and heat

  • Low-alloy HSS

    Low alloyed high speed steel refers to the high speed steel with tungsten (=W+1.8Mo)content of 6.50-11.75%. Heat resistance and wear resistance of low alloyed high speed steel reduces, which can be applied into the material with low cutting speed requirem

  • Spray Forming HSS

    Because of inert gas atomization and rapid solidification of droplet deposition ,the spray formed HSS has low oxygen content , overall high density and fine microstrcture.

  • Powder Metallurgy HSS

    Powder metallurgy HOP HSS is featured by its fine and evenly distributed carbides in the matrix, and therefore has the special preoperties of high toughness in all directions. As compared to HSS produced through other metallurgical process, the PM HSS can

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