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HEYE’s mission: manufacturing cost-effective products and push the industrial technology forwards;

Company prospect: a world leading HSS supplier and solution provider;

Core values:  focus on customers,creat and share together;

Enterprise spirit: diligence is the best self-help, kindness is from good humanity, business relies on honesty, superior skills are from focus and thrifty is the way to good virtue;

Goals for operating: satisfactions from five parties, such as clients, employees, shareholders, partners and society;

Aim for management: building its inner discipline like an army, study atmosphere like a university and mutual benefiting environment as a family.


Basic philosophy

Operational policy: diversified products, small lot quantity, superior quality, low cost, quick delivery and excellent service.

Quality policy: insisting on "the Idea of Humanity", relying on management innovation, ensuring continuous improvement and providing satisfied products.

Market philosophy: building our own prosperous and promising field in the fiercely competitive market;

Safety and environmentally friendly philosophy: prevention first, continuous improvement, energy-saving and emission-reduction and low carbon;

Management philosophy: strict disciplines, fully understand the conditions of products and markets, enhancing implementing and persevering;

Industrial philosophy: focusing on materials and being stronger and better;

Risk philosophy: effective identification, building a system, strictly controlling process of the system and precaution first.


Behavioral norms

Basic personal qualities:

For employees: study & cooperation, honesty & friendly, working loyally and observe disciplines and obey laws.

For middle-ranking managers: being bold in responsibility, taking the interests of the whole into account, good communication and implementing skills, diligent in learning and seeking practical results;

For high level leader: having clearly defined objectives, being pragmatic and working harder, knowing how to judge and use people, encouraging team, persevering and focusing in the future.

Working attitude: studying, cooperating, and being rigorous and excellent.

Behavioral Principle: seeking truth from facts, being pragmatic, acting promptly and persevering.

Team work: higher and lower staff working as one, sharing of weal or woe, mutual promotion, unity and mutual understanding, be good at overcoming difficulties and never give up.

Handling Principle: objectiveness, fairness and justice;

Morality: accepting good advices and every decision must be made and implemented firmly.

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