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With an advanced and efficient high-alloy steel production line, composed of induction furnace to smelt, electro-slag furnace to refine or ladle furnace (LF) + vacuum degassing (VD) + electro-slag furnace to refine, precision forging press to bloom or 20MN rapid forging press to bloom, stiff mill to roll finished steels, we can produce products with top quality. To keep superiority in competition we successively invested to build forged steels line, steel wire line, cold-rolled strip line and cold-drawn flat steel line, and so can meet the demand of high-alloy steel market for “high quality, full kinds of variety, small batches, rapid delivery”.

 VD   Casting
 ESR    SF
 63T Crane   Hydraulic Press
 GFM forging    Roughing mill
 Wire Rod And Bar Rolling Mill   Coil weight of wire rod
 Warm rolling mill   Peeling Machine
 Gas annealing furnace    Donaldson efficient dust removal equipment
 Optical Spectrum Analyzer    Gas Analyzer
Electro-hydraulic servo universal testing machine    Optical microscopy
 Carbon-sulfur analyzer    X-ray fluorescence analyzer
Scanning electronic microscopy    Micro-durometer


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