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Privacy statement was HEYE Special Steel Co., Ltd. website (hereinafter referred to as the "Site") to protect your present website may be exposed to when using this site your privacy commitment, so you know that this site's privacy policy and practices, please read carefully:


Personal information


Under normal circumstances, you do not provide your name or other personal information to access the website. But sometimes this site may require you to provide some information, for example, when you send an e-mail or a free subscription to us, we need your e-mail address, name, contact information and other limited personal identifiers; when you issue a job application to us we need your name, gender, age, education, experience and other limited personal information. We may need this information to complete a transaction / transaction or to provide better service.


We will automatically record the domain and IP address of the visitor: This information does not identify individual visitors, can only identify the computer used to navigate the site. We will collect this information through the analysis of the coverage and click traffic site to help us better understand site usage, so that we can improve the services provided to you. We will not this method automatically record information about specific individuals with linked data.




We have implemented the necessary security policies, rules and technical measures for personal information that you provide strict management and protection, to prevent unauthorized access, improper use or disclosure, unauthorized modification, unlawful destruction or accidental loss.


We have to appoint a third party to assist us in providing necessary information, goods and services you need, or help us processing, analysis and information, so that third-party access to your personal information, we are committed to that party must your personal information is confidential and shall not be used for any purpose other than to fulfill our authorized service outside.




In order to provide convenience and information, this website provides links to third parties, including our affiliates website (hereinafter referred to as "Third Party Sites"). If you access those links, you will leave this site. We do not control those sites or their privacy practices of these sites may differ from the implementation of this website's privacy practices. Our third-party site does not make any representations or warranties. The site's privacy statement does not apply to you decide to unrelated third parties personal data. If the third-party websites to this site to share your personal information, such personal information is limited to third-party websites to enjoy total privacy policy.




In the following cases, this site does not assume any responsibility for:


1, if the issues required by law, regulations, decrees, this site may be related to the executive, the judiciary or disclose your personal information for the purpose of public safety, any disclosure in this case, we shall not bear any responsibility;


2, any personal data because your user password to others or share with others registered account, the resulting disclosure and other causes because your personal profile leakage;


3, any personal data due to a computer virus invasion or attack, because of government regulation caused the temporary closure affected the normal operation of the network of force majeure caused by leakage, lost, stolen or tampered with;


4, any legal disputes and consequences of personal data and other sites linked to this site caused by leakage and thus lead;


5, due to our other non-intentional or gross negligence of your personal information leakage.


Applicable law


All litigation or disputes arising due to this privacy statement shall apply the law People's Republic of China.


Explanation of this website privacy statement, the right to modify and update belong HEYE Special Steel Co., Ltd ..

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